Accepting payments with Alipay UK and PayXpert

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What does PayXpert have to do with Alipay payments? Much more than you think, because we help you to implement it in your business quickly, easily and efficiently. Let’s think back a bit, what is Alipay UK?

It is, nothing more and nothing less, a payment solution for both eCommerces and physical stores. It is very popular among the Chinese population and users can scan the QR code to pay easily. The merchant allows you to make mobile payments and optimise the charging for any kind of product or service, as well as offering financial actions to your users.

If you have an online store and you are in the UK, you will be able to accept payments from customers in China or other parts of the world. That is what it means to open borders and offer users’ favourite local payment methods.

What is Alipay UK?

Any user can open an Alipay account on their Smartphone and use the app. By linking their credit or debit cards, they can start processing payments easily. At PayXpert, we offer you the possibility to implement Alipay in your eCommerce:

  • We are an official Alipay partner and a regulated payment institution across Europe.
  • True experts with knowledge of the Chinese payments market.
  • We have more than 100 alternative payment methods integrated into our platform.
  • We have innovative and secure technology to receive your payments.
  • We have promotional campaigns and marketing consulting at Alipay.

Users use this app because it is very popular. A true ecosystem of financial services (transfers, payments and loans, among others). It’s reliable, the platform of the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba. And it’s safe, they don’t need to carry cash.

By having your store in Alipay, you can appear on the page of the city where your shop is located (photos, name of the store, location, how to get there, contact number, reviews, opening hours, etc.).

How to implement Alipay with PayXpert

Next, we want to show you the tailored solutions we offer for your business and start receiving your payments:

In addition, you will be able to have some marketing options that allow your store to be more visible on the platform. Chinese tourists will find you on the app, you will be able to create promotional campaigns (coupons or discounts) for Chinese customers, geolocation push notifications to send offers and advertising actions available on the offer and city pages.

If you’re still not sure why you should accept Alipay with PayXpert, contact us. We want to help you.

Alipay and WeChat: similar, but not the same

Do you have Chinese tourists among your clients? In this section we will pause to talk to you about the popular Alipay and WeChat Pay electronic payment systems. In 2019 alone, 833, 000 Chinese tourists travelled to the UK, which means that British companies that already accepted local payment methods from these users were much more likely to receive purchases from this community.

The way both applications work is very similar. From customer to seller, the user generates a QR code indicating the amount to be paid and the seller uses a QR code reader hardware that sends the payment information, or the smartphone’s own camera. However, it may also be the seller who generates the amount to be charged. To connect the money to the app, you can either top up the wallet or connect the app directly to the bank card. Or you can even set up direct debits in China for water, rental or electricity companies, among others.

In the case of Alipay, we find numerous services that make life easier for the user. It may lack the social character of WeChat, but it offers a much larger suite of services and focuses on the operability of each individual. Although it was born with the idea of being an application for financial services (insurance, investment funds, loans, credits, etc.), it has evolved into many others. Millions of Chinese users use it every day.

Marketplaces are no less important, as they have a high penetration in the Asian and European market. And this has largely conditioned the payment systems preferred by users. We could say that while Alipay is the payment system belonging to the Alibaba group, WeChat is the place where companies can have their stores and sell their products. It’s not a Marketplace as such, but it boosts the visibility and sales of eCommerce, as well as allowing its payment system (WeChat Pay).

  • It favours SEO positioning thanks to the valuable content created for the target audience.
  • It allows you to include a blog on the website as a content strategy.
  • And it allows you to be present on social networks.

Don’t you think it’s really wonderful? In China, carrying your wallet or credit card is becoming a thing of the past. If you want to buy something, order a taxi, buy tickets to the cinema or shop in a supermarket, the most common thing to do is to use your mobile phone. It’s very easy, you just need to scan the QR code corresponding to the merchant. WeChat started out as a simple app for chatting with friends, but gradually added new features that turned it into a hub for numerous services. Companies entering the Chinese market should therefore develop themselves within this platform.

Are we therefore facing an exclusively mobile market? Are online sales outstripping offline sales? What is the reason for this development? The data confirms that Asia is one of the most advanced continents in terms of invisible payments as well as mobile users.

The reality is that the payment system in China is currently split between Alipay and WeChat Pay. Do you already have your favourite? Do you have questions about how to implement Alipay Spain?

Contact us!