Inclusive & limitless omnichannel commerce

Get paid anytime. In any channel. Rapidly and securely.

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Pick & Choose

The Payxpress eco-system is self-contained with no tech-intermediaries. Choose only the features you need & control your costs.

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Enhanced features

Our POS and Payxpress app are packed with extra features that enhance the payment experience. For you. For your customer.

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Boost your sales

Elevate your conversion rates with cross-border and alternative payments. Seamlessly pay via QR code and go contactless, even above limits.

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Open for business in all channels

Experience a fully real-time omnichannel solution within a single payment gateway, ensuring optimal payment processing across all channels.

One single solution
for proximity and online payments

Discover Payxpress' comprehensive payment solution, featuring award-winnng mPOS, POS terminal, and eCommerce gateway. Benefit from higher conversion rates, effortless market expansion, enhanced customer loyalty, and streamlined business control – all at your fingertips. Our platform ensures a unified commerce experience, making transactions simple and seamless for your customers!

One device. Unlimited possibilities.

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Payment types

Accept standard and cross-border card schemes, as well as QR code payments easily and seamlessly.

Currencies (DCC)

Support transactions in different currencies with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).


Share payment instructions and receipts to your international customers in their own language.

Pay by link

Easily send a link to your customer to finalise the payment from any location.

Value-Added Services

Access features directly on the POS to enhance both staff and customer experiences: calculator, tipping, bill splitting, deposits, session management, satisfaction surveys, and more.

Find the hardware that best suits your needs

PayXpert works with several partners to be able to propose a wide range of terminals catering to your business needs.

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Mobile POS

Payxpress payment solution: streamlined, secure, and seamless

What sets PayXpert apart from the competition is our integrated approach. Our single payment gateway connects all devices and features, providing real-time updates for seamless cross-channel shopping, reconciliation, and reporting. Simplify your user experience and reduce costs by using one device from one single provider with multiple acquirers. We provide payment terminals alongside acquiring solutions with leading acquirers such as Société Générale, BNP Paribas, and La Banque Postale.

Start accepting payments now, across every channel

Empower your customers with payment choice, boosting sales and loyalty. Partnering with a single provider streamlines management and minimises transaction errors. Unified transaction data enhances the user experience, elevating your business to new heights.

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Improve conversion with seamless omnichannel payments

In-store payments

Our gateway guarantees maximum transaction success with multi-scheme and alternative payment options to improve your in-store experience.

Online payments

Bridge your physical and online stores seamlessly with our e-commerce payment gateway.

Alternative payments

Attract international customers by allowing them to pay with their preferred payment methods in their own currency.

One payment solution for all types of businesses

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Taxi & Transport

Make your customers' travel smoother and more effortless than ever with a seamless and convenient payment solution.
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Retail & Luxury Retail

Elevate your shopping experience in-store and online for all your customers.
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Restaurants & Hotels

Deliver delightful in-store and online experiences for your guests in restaurants and hospitality (HORECA) establishments.

Get your terminal connected

Connect your terminal to varied protocols and applications to enhance your payments capabilities.

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Caisse-AP protocol

Formerly know as "protocole concert"

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Connect your app to our payment app

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Property Management Systems (PMS)

(coming soon)

Take your business to the next level
with an all-in-one payment solution

Simplify your omnichannel payments. Payxpress incorporates Alternative Payments and value-added services, such as customer loyalty programs, tipping options, split payments, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), and customisable apps. All seamlessly integrated into the POS.

Payxpress caters to diverse industries, including hospitality (hotels and campings), retail and luxury retail, as well as transportation (taxi companies). Beyond advanced payment solutions, these businesses share a common need for advanced back-office dashboards and deep transactional insights to drive decisions. The comprehensive Payxpress payment suite also prioritises crucial security features like data encryption and tokenization.

Simplify your workday and attract more customers

With an intuitive data dashboard and seamless eCommerce integration, unifying your sales channels becomes effortless. Gain a 360-degree view of your transaction flow through our comprehensive data, empowering you to optimise your omnichannel strategy effectively and track all your activities upon log-in in one single interface.

Additionally, our alternative payment options enable you to diversify your business and make it more appealing to international customers by offering their preferred local payment solutions.

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