About us

Payxpress is a registered trademark of PayXpert LTD.

The company is a pioneer in omnichannel payment solutions, opening the doors to new markets and payment methods across borders and technological barriers.

PayXpert’s mission is to offer the best payment solution to buyers and sellers alike through the added value we create in and around the payment experience.

Payxpress is our tool to deliver omnichannel commerce with a payment terminal that delivers traditional payment solutions, alternative payments, and added value features. Payxpress also connects the physical store and the online business with a cutting-edge eCommerce payment gateway.

Our solutions aim to be inclusive by offering features for the visually impaired, offering alternative and local payment methods, multi-language features, and more. Capitalising on 100% proprietary technology allows us to adapt to customers’ needs with white-label solutions, customised projects, global payment solutions, etc. to build limitless commerce.

PayXpert Group is currently serving the UK and EU markets. The company has been bootstrapped since its inception in 2009 by Nicolas Riegert until August 2023 when Société Générale, one of the leading European banks, became majority shareholder. This allows us to significantly accelerate the construction of the building blocks of inclusive and limitless commerce.