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How to achieve more cross-border online sales

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Expand your business and increase your ROI with payment technology

One of the great advantages of the digitalisation of commerce is the expansion of the market internationally. The almost automatic ability of the internet to sell to international customers is a potential opportunity for retailers who want to secure the future of their business. How to sell more internationally or across borders? For many, this is the million-dollar question. 

We know there is no simple answer; however, a good fintech strategy offers small and large businesses the ability to optimise their management control processes, as well as to offer more and better payment tools to their customers. It is clear to us that by offering the best to our customers, they will offer the best to their customers. 

Keys to a company’s cross-border sales strategy in 2022 

To think that to increase cross-border sales, it is enough to know how to sell online is a half-truth. The truth is that online sales have infinite potential; however, it is necessary to know the buying habits of the different markets we want to focus on, as well as their preferred payment methods. Do you want to know the consumer profile of your customers? You will be interested in our Business Intelligence Dashboard. 

Business intelligence, work of financial experts to sell better

Business intelligence is a data management practice that uses the database generated from the financial transactions of your business to obtain a graphical analysis of the main KPIs of your business. What does this mean? Our experts have designed an intelligent system to interpret your business performance at a glance.

In this way, the intelligent data analysis is dumped into a dashboard where you and your team can access graphs with which to perform the most intelligent management control for your business: business intelligence to reach where only experts reach.

Omnichannel payments: the best shopping experience for your customers and the one that converts the most and converts the best.

Another key point for selling more internationally is omnichannel payments. What are they and what do they consist of? Omnichannel payments allow you to offer customers different payment methods synchronised by the same payment management system. Some of these ways are the well-known digital payments (through a payment gateway that can be implemented in web merchants, for example); the MOTO payment data management system, with which your telemarketers can collect the payment information in an optimal way for you and the customer; PCI IVR: to automate payments through calls, without the need of telemarketers; and many more. Take a look at our omnichannel payment solution, and start imagining the future of your business with one of the most complete and efficient payment tools on the market. 

Alternatives payment methods.

And as a final touch, another of PayXpert’s star tools to increase our clients’ international sales, Alternative payment methods. The key to offering your customers cross-border payment solutions, no matter where they are from. It is especially essential for online merchants, hospitality businesses, transport services, among others. Some of the international payment methods we offer are the Chinese payment methods Ali Pay and WeChat Pay, RuPay’s Qr-code payment system, and others such as Bancontact, CB, Giropay, iDeal, JCB, Przelewy24, among many others. 

More than 25 alternative payment methods, compatible with more than 100 international currencies, with which you can access an almost infinite market of new customers and increase the conversion and ROI of your business with an optimal investment.

How to increase international or cross-border sales

Opening your business market to international customers is one of the turning points towards growth that every merchant desires. But it can be complicated without the mentoring and support of a financial expert and specialised solutions. Our goal as fintech experts is to help our clients realise the full potential of their business with optimal return on investment. If you want to know more about what the next step is, contact us without obligation and let’s have a chat. We are very close to the best and most international version of your business.