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Retail payments strategy for Maximum ROI

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How to sell smarter

It is time to fine-tune the performance of your retail business; this year’s payment trends include digitisation and semi-automation of processes with tools such as business intelligence and data management. In other words: to do more and better analysis of your business with the data generated from it. Get a better ratio of benefits from the investment, also known as ROI or return on investment. However, we are not only talking about business intelligence; you will see that a wide range of payment methods and channels and their security will help you get more for less in 2023.

Maximising ROI is the main objective of any retailer, regardless of size. This is also the main objective of the financial technology developed and integrated in recent years by PayXpert. As fintech experts, we present you with financial technology keys for a robust retail sales strategy.

3 Fintech Keys for increased retail sales

  • Your payment gateway for retail should include omnichannel and alternative payments to cater to a maximum number of customers. How to choose a retail payment gateway? Multichannel payments allow you to offer different ways or channels to finalise the purchase process: whether e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, there are different, complementary ways to offer payments to your customers: IVR, MOTO, POS, and digital payments, among others. Alternative payments will allow you to reach customers worldwide through e-commerce or proximity.
  • Secure payments for you and your customers, tokenisation. Another sensitive point in the finances of any fintech business is the security of payments. Tokenisation is a system for protecting sensitive data. It offers more guarantees than traditional encryption. Both you and your customers benefit from this system. Protect yourself from cyber-attacks and strengthen your business with this innovative payment protection system.
  • Data management and business intelligence: use your business data to optimise your business performance and maximise ROI. Management and analysis of big data are fascinating management control tools. They offer retailers greater results for less investment, or arguably, a wiser investment. These two tools enable you to visualise your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs). You and your team can quickly understand the status of your business with these graphs.

More than just technology: a team of financial experts 

We pride ourselves not only on technological innovation in omnichannel payments. We are also happy to offer expert advice to our clients with the initial analysis and advisory process. Finally, we help integrate technology as a strategy to optimise the financial performance of their retail businesses. The balance between innovation and teamwork allows us to deliver for our clients. This is the ultimate key to retail sales strategy to maximise ROI.

Our primary benefit is providing personalised solutions. We consider the individual circumstances and requirements of every company we collaborate with. Read more about what PayXpert can offer in retail payments.