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Choose Alipay+ to win Asian markets

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What is Alipay+, and how does it differ from Alipay?

Alipay+, launched by tech giant Ant Group, is a unified solution combining global cross-border mobile payments and digital marketing solutions.

Unlike Alipay, Alipay+ is not a mobile wallet or banking app; Alipay+ partners with acquirers and payment service providers to connect merchants with consumers using multiple digital payment methods. Customer relationships remain with local wallets and acquirers while users pay through their payment provider’s native app. This means consumers can use their standard payment methods connected to the Alipay+ system to make QR code-based payments worldwide for online and offline purchases as they would pay locally.

Consumers pay with their local e-wallet and local currency. At the same time, merchants will receive settlements in their local currency from Alipay+ without worrying about FX conversion, data exchange or payment flow. Payment amounts are automatically converted to the local currency for the user, encouraging purchase completion. In all cases, merchants can generate a single payment QR code compatible with all wallets connected to Alipay+.

Alipay+’s e-wallet network

With a one-time integration, merchants can access all existing and later-onboarded digital payment methods in Alipay+’s network. Currently, Alipay+ has a primary base in Asia, where digital wallets continue to dominate e-commerce payments. (*In 2021, digital wallets exceeded 69% of Asia e-com payment methods.)

One of the essential wallets in this network is AlipayCN – the most mainstream payment facilitation app in mainland China with 900 billion users; it has become so popular that Alipay is used to pay for almost everything in China. It’s also a super-app with rich features embedded within, such as: hailing a taxi, booking a hotel or airline tickets, buying insurance, etc.

Besides AlipayCN, Alipay+ also has a high user coverage in other Asian wallets such as AlipayHK(Hong Kong), Kakao Pay (South Korea),  Touch ‘n Go Digital(Malaysia), GCash(Philippines), and TrueMoney Wallet (Thailand).

Coverage of Alipay+ users in other Asian wallets.

Alipay+’s merchant and industry coverage.

Globally, Alipay+’s merchant coverage has more than doubled since last year to over 2.5 million. The global merchant network includes over 1,000 online platforms, over ten major airports, over 90,000 convenience stores, over 360,000 restaurants, nearly 200,000 taxis and major hotel brands, department stores, duty-free shops and tourist facilities in Asia and Europe.

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Why should European and UK merchants integrate Alipay+?

With the post-pandemic and revering of international tourism, we have also seen more and more Asian tourists returning to Europe, especially the recovery of Chinese tourists after re-opening the border in China earlier this year. While international credit cards are not commonly used in Asia, people prefer to use their existing digital wallets for transactions while abroad because of brand trust.

Alipay+’s global coverage connects merchants with over one billion mobile-native consumers, especially from Asia. It brings them into a familiar, secure, and seamless payment flow without the hassle of complicated setups or additional hardware. This enables local merchants to serve international consumers without friction or downtime. Consumers can conveniently use their preferred local payment methods while transacting seamlessly in a different market and enjoy marketing offers through Alipay+.

Merchant Benefits:

•    Connect with billions of users from Asia with an all-in-one solution.
•    Low-cost integration and maintenance with plugins or SDK
•    Newest digital payment solution with open and trustworthy technology
•    Less friction and a more efficient checkout experience with QR code connectivity
•    Automatic conversion of exchange rates offers that sponsored by Alipay+
•    Distribute discounts or coupons to multiple e-wallet users worldwide to gain and retain consumers.
•    Possibility of co-running marketing campaigns with Alipay+ to effectively enhance the campaign effect and reduce cost.

Alipay+ user scenario


alipay + online payment

The web shop is built with Alipay+, making the payment process faster and more secure. Users can participate in promotions or scan QR codes to pay directly (with automatic currency conversion). Alipay+ provides a back-office monitoring system that allows merchants to easily track each order’s amount, time, and other details.

In-store Payment

Offline payment is divided into two ways. One is the cashier scanning the customer’s payment QR code, and the other way is using the cell phone to scan the merchant’s payment receipt QR code.

The QR code-based payment method frees customers from holding a bank card and makes the check-out experience seamlessly quick, skipping pain points that hinder conversion.

Alipay + in-store payment

Ant Group uses advanced technology to ensure the security of funds so that consumers can experience a smoother, more convenient, and secure payment method even when paying in other countries.

Alipay+ marketing solutions

Besides payments, Alipay+ also provides digital marketing solutions. Global merchants can offer users attractive deals and discounts directly through Alipay+, helping them gain and retain, which is impossible on card-scheme platforms.

 Alipay+ payment marketing

By offering discounts for using specific payment methods at the merchant checkout, Alipay+ helps merchants to drive more intuitive payment behaviours. Such as optimal exchange rates, in-store promotion codes and automatic discounts at checkout when paying Alipay+. It is worth noting that the Alipay+ platform sponsors those incentives, but the merchant can choose to sponsor or co-sponsor online campaigns and upgrade the deals.

Alipay + payment checkout

Instant discount at the checkout page by choosing Alipay+ e-wallet.

Alipay + in-store promotion code

*In-store promotion codes allow customers to claim incentives before payment.

Alipay+ rewards

Alipay+ reward platform is an in-app feature that helps brands to connect with customers through the payment apps they use daily—those rewards include discounts, deals, giveaways etc., which greatly encourage consumers to engage and shop more. Those incentives are shown to global users through multiple digital payment apps in its networks.

Alipay + rewards

Major Events and Launch Promotions

Alipay+ platform launches major campaigns during variable holidays and festivals to help merchants boost sales significantly.

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